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What kind of predictions can YOU perform
if you learn I-Ching from

One of my students asked when will the sniper serial killer be arrested.  My prediction was that the serial killer shall be arrested within 2 days.  Then on the next day, the police arrested them.

In August of 2002, one of my students asked when will USA invade Iraq.  I said USA shall invade Iraq in march of 2003.  After USA really did invade Iraq in March of 2003, another student tossed the coins asking when will the war end.  And I said the war shall end on April 9th.  Then the war really did end on April 9th of 2003.
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A family moved into a new house.  But for some reason, the family members became extremely unlucky ever since they moved in.  So the father tossed the coins asking about this new house.  Prophet Wild Crane read the I-Ching hexagram and told him, "Quick!  You better move out of the house or else your entire family will be in danger in the month of May or June!"  The father did not believe Prophet Wild Crane, so the family did not move out.  In June, the Yellow River flooded.  The river swallowed the house including the entire family.  9 family members all drowned.  
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The author of this book wanted to go to the mall to buy a shirt.  It was raining outside.  He tossed the coins asking, "Is it safe to drive to the mall today?"  The I-Ching sign indicated that there is big danger, and the danger is related to fire.
The author thought, "Hey!  It's raining outside.  How can I have any danger that's related to fire?"  So he ignored the I-Ching sign and drove to the mall to buy a shirt.  On the way home, a fire truck smashed into his car.  He was unhurt, but his car is wracked.    

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My neighbor broke up with his girl friend.  I asked him why did they break up, and he told me that this is a personal matter so he couldn't tell me.  So I said, "You won't tell me?  Okay, I shall throw the coins and find out!"    He replied, "Go ahead!  If you got it right, I will tell you everything!"  I threw the coins and said to him, "Looks like that your girl friend attempted to steal some kind of document from you, but you caught her right at the spot. That's why you broke up with her. Am I correct?"   He became extremely excited and replied, "90% accurate!  Now can you tell me some more from just the signs?"  I said my level is not high enough to tell anymore than what I have just said.  Then he told me that his girl friend went into his room, opened up his phone book, and copied every phone number in the phone book so that she could keep an eye on him.

One day my friend threw the coins asking about the stock market trend of his AOL stocks.   I read the hexagram and warned him to sell all of his AOL shares as soon as he could. He didn't listen to my advise, and within one week, AOL shares dropped nearly $40 in value. 
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One day, a woman called me and did a reading on the phone.  She refused to tell me what her question is.  She wanted me to guess her question.  Anyway, I guessed it.  "Based on the sign, you are fighting for inheritance with your relative.  You want to know who will win this legal battle.  But you cannot win.  Your relative has a very strong case against you."  "Oh my God!", she screamed, "You are so darn accurate!  That's right!  My brother and I are fighting for a mansion that my father has left behind.  I want that mansion because I designed it myself.   But my brother has forced my mother to sign that house over to him.  Oh lord!   How come I can't win?!"

My aunt asked me about her relationship with her boyfriend.  I told her that they shall break up the next month.  She didn't believe me at first, but they broke up the next month.


The above are just some examples of what you can predict after you have finished reading  If you vividly study and practice our I-Ching prediction techniques, one day you can too be as accurate as Mr. Shou who has predicted the death of that young actress.  After you have finished learning, you can too predict the future just like how Prophet Wild Crane has predicted the death of the entire family which moved into a new house.    This I-Ching book is designed to allow you to predict just about everything: the death of a person, the exact time and date to expect a visitor, the rise and fall of the stock market, the presidential election, the out come of a war, etc. 

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If you would like to write your own I-Ching book after you have mastered I-Ching, please ask the author for permission to use all of our element symbols, date symbols, calendar indications, charts, and the names of the hexagrams.  We encourage an unification of English I-Ching symbols so more people can learn about I-Ching.