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The 8 Guas

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Look at the chart. There are eight symbols. These eight symbols are called "8 guas".

chen.gif (912 bytes) No. 1 is Chen. Chen is precious metal in nature. (gold, silver, etc.)  Chen has three lines. Chen represents power, central, justice, and extreme brightness. Chen is the north-west direction. Chen is also the old man.
duay.gif (917 bytes) No. 2 is Duay. Duay is a sharp edged metal used for cutting.  Duay has a dotted line on top and two solid line at the bottom. Duay represents talking and separation. Duay is the west. Duay is representing a young lady.
li.gif (916 bytes) No. 3 is Li. Li is fire. Li has a dotted line in the middle and two solid lines on the outside. Li symbolizes fire, fame, and knowledge. The direction is south. Li represents a second born daughter.
zen.gif (923 bytes) No. 4 is Zen. Zen is hard wood in nature. Zen has two dotted lines piling on top of one solid line. Zen means thunder, surprise, intimidation, and fury. Zen represents the east. Zen also represents the first born son.
shun.gif (917 bytes) No. 5 is Shun. Shun is wood in nature. Shun has two solid lines piling on top of one dotted line. Shun represents calm, love, thoughtfullness, cure, and peace. Shun is the south-east. Shun also represents the first born daughter.
kan.gif (923 bytes) No. 6 is Kan. Kan is water. Kan has one solid line sitting in the middle. Kan means cleaverness, wisdom, and quick manuver. Kan is the north. Kan also represents the second born son.
gen.gif (920 bytes) No. 7 is Gen. Gen is hard soil. Gen has one solid line lying on top of two dotted lines. (The solid line is the hard layer soil, and the dotted lines at the bottom are the soft layer soil. Hard soil on top of soft soil.) Gen represents loyalty, stubbornness, hindrance, and difficulty. Gen is north-east. It also represents the youngest son.
quen.gif (929 bytes) No. 8 is Quen. Quen represents soft soil. Quen has three broken lines. Quen represents experience, softness, mass amount of something, and extreme darkness. Quen is the south-west direction. It also represents an old lady.

Chen, Kan, Gen and Zen are brightness. (Yang)

Quen, Shun, Li, and Duay are darkness. (Ying)

The 8 Guas

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