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Ju-Ge Liang, the most famous prophet during the era of the three kingdoms, said:

"A general who can slaughter hundreds on battlefield with a single spear and a horse can lead a few hundred men.  But this kind of talent cannot be used to command an army of hundreds of thousands.  A real able general must also be familiar with the weather, the astrology, the geography, the psychology;  know our advantages and know the opponent's weakness as clear as viewing through a piece of glass;  and can dispatch troops as easy as moving his own arms and legs.  Only way to become such an able general is to study the secrets of numbers and practice I-Ching."


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Empty Dates Chart

Upper Dates I II III iV V Vi Vii Viii iX X Empty
Lower Dates sh c y m cn e w wa s yo sh h
s h t c y m cn e w wa s yo
w yo sh h t c y m cn e w wa
cn wa s yo sh h t c y m cn e
y e w wa s yo sh h t c y m
t m cn e w wa s yo sh h t c

6 Colors Chart

Upper dates I, II III, iV V Vi Vii, Viii iX, X
6th line blk grn red yel gry wht
5th line wht blk grn red yel gry
4th line gry wht blk grn red yel
3rd line yel gry wht blk grn red
2nd line red yel gry wht blk grn
1st line grn red yel gry wht blk


t bounds to c. They become soil.

y bounds to h. They become wood.

m bounds to sh. They become fire.

cn  bounds to yo. They become metal.

e bounds to  s. They become water.

w bounds to wa. They become soil.



t and w strike.
m and yo strike.
c and wa strike.
cn and sh strike.
y and s strike.
e and h strike.

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s, t, and cn = water combination.

y, w, and sh = fire combination.

e, yo, and c = metal combination.

h, m, and wa = wood combination.

8gua.gif (12886 bytes) Click here for a short description of each gua.

Click here for an extremely detailed description of each gua.


y traps e.   e traps s.   s traps y.    This is the first set of traps.

Three t trap one m.   One m traps three t.   This is the 2nd set of traps.

c traps sh.   And sh traps wa.

c, w, yo, and h trap themselves.

dates element month in Chinese calendar Remember it by Animals   Beijing's Time Chart
Remember!  You must convert your time to Beijing's time.
USA, California's Time Chart
t water 11 tea Mouse
t 11pm - 1am t 7am - 9am
c soil 12 crop field Cow
c 1am - 3am c 9am - 11am
y wood 1 yard stick Tiger
y 3am - 5am y 11am - 1pm
m wood 2 measure Rabbit
m 5am - 7am m 1pm - 3pm
cn soil 3 crop field Dragon
cn 7am - 9am cn 3pm - 5pm
e fire 4 energy Snake
e 9am - 11am e 5pm - 7pm
w fire 5 fire Work Horse
w 11am - 1pm w 7pm - 9pm
wa soil 6 way Sheep
wa 1pm - 3pm wa 9pm - 11pm
s metal 7 steel Monkey
s 3pm - 5pm s 11pm - 1am
yo metal 8 toyota Chicken
yo 5pm - 7pm yo 1am - 3am
sh soil 9 shake (earthquake) Dog
sh 7pm - 9pm sh 3am - 5am
h water 10 hydrogen Pig
h 9pm - 11pm h 5am - 7am

Time Zone Converter

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The date shift occurs somewhere between hour t and hour h.

2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 year 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
t c y m cn e w wa s yo sh h
Around Dec. Around Jan. Around Feb. Around Mar. Around Apr. Around May Around June Around July Around Aug. Around Sept. Around Oct. Around Nov.
(30 years per generation)


Elements Healthy in Strongest in Weak in Buried in
Disappear in
Wood y & m sh, h, t, c y, m cn, e, w wa s, yo
Fire e & w c, y, m cn, e, w wa, s, yo sh h, t
Metal s & yo cn, e, sh wa, s, yo h, t c y, m, w
Water t & h s, yo h, t c, y, m, sh cn e, w, wa
Soil cn, sh, c, wa   t, h, s, yo c, cn, wa, sh, e, w y. m  

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