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Alex Chiu's Online I-Ching 2001  Registered with the US Copyright Office.
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It's easy to learn Super I-Ching from   Just read 1 chapter each day.   I recommend you to print out the pages so you can read it on paper.  

Use the pull down menu to select a chapter.   Start from the chapters on the top of the pull down menu, and go down. 

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2001  Registered with the US Copyright Office.   All rights reserved.
Written by Alex Y.C. Chiu

If you would like to write your own I-Ching book after you have mastered I-Ching, please ask the author for permission to use all of our element symbols, date symbols, calendar indications, charts, and the names of the hexagrams.  We encourage an unification of English I-Ching symbols so more people can learn about I-Ching.